Can you get a home loan with the average of both credits?

Posted on March 31

Question: My wife has good credit, I do not (just below 600). My cousin and his wife just bought a house in Birmingham, Alabama and the lenders averaged out their credit scores to approve them for a home loan. We live in Miami, Florida and they are using the lowest score to see if they will provide us with a loan or not. She makes the higher wage between the two of us, but, we can not afford the house we want with just her income. Does anybody know of a lender that will provide us with a home loan based on our challenge?

You mentioned that, you’ve paid off all creditors. How long has it been since you’re had a delinquency? We have programs that go down to 580; but, they require an electronic underwriting approval – which doesn’t always happen with recent deratory items. Let me know if I can help.

I am looking for a competitive mortgage as a foreign investor

Posted on March 17

Question : I am a foreign investor looking to purchase a duplex (one unit to use as a vacation property and the other as a rental) and looking for a competitive loan.

Answer :
There are a few investors that offer loans for foreign investors – but, not too many. I would be glad to give you an idea of the rates you can expect if you’d like to email .